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Best Fish Taco Miami 2008 - Ver Daddy's Taco Shop - CLOSED

Ver Daddy\'s Taco Shop

Ver Daddy's Taco Shop

7501 Biscayne Blvd.

Miami, FL 33138


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You won't need a fork; your hand in claw formation will do just fine. And it's a good idea to bring a partner to this Biscayne corridor hotspot, because who else will tell you that you have a trail of amazingly spicy and perfect salsa verde sprinting down your chin? Table manners aside, the only way to enjoy Ver Daddy's Baja fish taco is to lift the overstuffed flour tortilla to your mouth, bite, chew, and repeat. Let the shop's trademark Mexican cream hit each of your taste buds. Bite, chew, and repeat as wonderfully spiced coleslaw drops to the table. Bite, chew, and repeat until all of the beer-battered and deep-fried chunks of tilapia are gone. Recline in your chair as you reminisce about how the crisp exterior of the fish crackled on your tongue and how moist and flaky the inside was. Then repeat your trip to the counter and get another order. Pull $5.75 from your pocket, bite, chew, and repeat.

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Ditto to Drew's comment. Can't believe VerDaddy's taco prices. I guess I'm spoiled by California taco prices of $1.50 - $3.00 for big yummy tacos.


Almost $6 for a tiny taco that is not memorable, at all. This probably won the award simply because its a new joint (like most of these "Best Of" establishments. Try Sandbar's fish taco--it blows Ver Daddy's away.