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Best Drag Queen Miami 2008 - Elaine Lancaster

Although the drag scene has To Wong Foo-ed its way into mainstream oblivion, Elaine Lancaster has survived the fleeting South Beach fad. But don't dismiss this six-foot-two imaginary love child of Lana Turner and Burt Lancaster as just another lip-synching, trash-talking, stripper-shoe-loving pest. If anything, think of her as a bee. A queen bee. With excellent taste in Chanel.

Strutting onto Ocean Drive in size 10 1/2 ladies' shoes the day Versace died, Georgia-bred boy model James Davis had a sudden change of art. Instead of immersing himself in a shattered fashion scene, he created Elaine — a high-society queen with a penchant for pink lipstick, $10,000 gowns, and a face that could snag some questionable alone time with Colin Farrell at the Versace mansion back in 2005.

Since 1997, Elaine has grown in popularity, making it local knowledge that whenever you see Miss Lancaster in her blond beauty-queen-inspired hair — be it vamping at a PGA tournament, playing Marge at The Forge's Simpsons Movie release party, or running down Collins Avenue with Dennis Rodman in tow — you're in for a good time. Or an expensive time — the kind that'll make your wallet sting. But all of Miami will be abuzz.

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I can not wait to read the life story of Elaine Lancaster who is an iconoclast in every sense on the word. For a person who is an unbelievable woman the person behind that woman is an unbelievable man. When I was at one of the lowest points in my adult life I asked many who I knew very well and considered to be my friends for help. The one who came to my aid was a person I only knew from the clubs and gave me rent and food money and said, "Pay me back when you can." I am ashamed to say I never paid her back and although I have not seen her in years I know first hand what a good person is underneath all the flash. I still read all the good things & excitement that surrounds her. Maybe one day I'll be able to return the favor.


With all due respect, Don't you think someone who is such a socialite and is seen at every major charity fundraiser in town and donating so much time & money personally to those cause's should be shown a bit more respect than the title of Best Drag Queen? From what I know about Elaine is she is a Honest Hard Working socially concerned person who is a ray of light in this sometimes dirty town. I personally would rather see a "Drag Queen" summit instead of the Hate filled trouble makers of the Hip Hop Summit. I am sure all the crimes will go unreported. When will Miami say enough is enough?