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Best Deal Miami 2008 - Titanic Bar & Grill Mug Club

Titanic Bar & Grill Mug Club

Titanic Bar & Grill Mug Club

5813 Ponce de Leon Blvd.

Coral Gables, FL 33146


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Titanic makes its own delicious beer and simple, hearty food. It's almost like an interdimensional portal into the Midwest — a window, if you will, out of Mojitotown. Some of us just need beer and meat loaf at least once a week — it's kind of an anti-gym membership. If you're jonesing for that kind of thing, Titanic gives you an easy out. For $85 a year, they'll engrave a large mug with whatever handle you choose and keep it around on a hook. They'll give you a shirt, feed you every Wednesday, and let you drink all night at happy-hour prices. It's kinda like renting a cool uncle for a year.

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Customised Mugs
Customised Mugs

Titanic offers an easy out. At $ 85 a year, will affect a large mug with a handle to select and store it in a hook.