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Best Conch Fritters Miami 2008 - Key West by the Gables

Grease, library paste, and pencil erasers. Yum! Well, these seem to be the ingredients in most conch fritters around here. But not at this cute little eatery that channels the funky Keys next door to haughty Coral Gables. The golf-ball-size beauties (costing eight bucks for six) boast remarkably light interiors and crisp, greaseless, fetchingly bronze exteriors. Subtly flavored with scallions and red pepper, the shards of Bahamian conch are pleasantly chewy but don't require hours of unpleasant mastication. No hair on your palms either!

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Took over an hour to bring us our food. Constantly asking to have our water and refreshments refilled. Out of half of the items on the menu, including their key lime pie. WILL NOT RETURN!


The only thing good in this restaurant is the conch fritters. The service was terrible and the place smells of bad fish.