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Best Cantor Miami 2008 - Cantor George Mordechai

Cantor George Mordechai

Cantor George Mordechai

1701 Washington Ave.

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Bored with the humdrum, off-key murmurings that pass for song at your local Shabbat service? Secretly disenchanted with the perky pop tune prayers that have replaced many a heart-wrenching Jewish dirge? Look ye no further: Cantor George Mordechai is in da house of worship. An Australian native and the son of Iraqi Jews, Mordechai brings a blend of Middle Eastern, Indian, Eastern, and Western musical traditions to his Shabbat prayers at Temple Emmanu-El, a.k.a. "The South Beach Synagogue." It doesn't hurt that Rabbi Kliel Rose, the congregation's young, bearded leader, is crazy about Mordechai's music, and holds a note well enough to do back-up vocals, making for a show worthy of kicking off a well-deserved — and Almighty-decreed — day of rest. Services are Friday nights at 7:30 (there is an optional meditation at 7).

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Leonard Resnick
Leonard Resnick

I am 82 years old and have had the privilege of listeningto Conservative Cantors for the past 52 Years.

Cantor George Mordechai came from Congregation Beth Zion BethIsrael in Center City Philadelphia.

What is Beth Zion Beth Israel' loss is Temple Emanu-El'sgain.

Cantor Mordechai is a truly gifted Chassan and certainlydeserves my higest praise.