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Best Barber Miami 2008 - Obilio Barbershop

Obilio Barbershop

605 SW 12th Ave.

Miami, FL 33130


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For nearly four decades, Obilio Gutierrez has held court at his quaint, three-chair establishment. It hasn't changed a lick since he first hung a shingle outside his door. The décor still boasts the same old pictures of Chevys, Fords, and yellowing classic roadsters. Holding forth on hot-button issues while nimbly snipping away, the Little Havana stalwart has groomed several generations of clients. The wait for a trim is never long, and a haircut costs a mere $8.
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I have been getting a hair cut at suso barber shop sinced the late 70,his the best there father used to get his hair cut with him sinced cuba ,iam glad his getting the clomplement he truly deserve