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Best Tailor Miami 2007 - Basil's Tailor Shop

Basil\'s Tailor Shop

Basil's Tailor Shop

13029 Southwest 112th Street

Kendall, FL 33186


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A good tailor shop is only as good as its tailor, and in this case, that's Basil Graham. Meticulous as he is professional, Graham makes an impression from the second you walk in his shop. Don't expect him to chat casually, because he's serious about his craft. He'll scrutinize every inch of fabric, every stitch and cut. Since 1989, Basil has produced custom suits, pants, shirts, and altered garments. The price depends on the material and complexity of the work, but a simple pant hem starts at $18 and a custom suit at $1000. Basil won't take the easy route when altering a garment. He'll make certain the fit is right, even if it means taking apart every seam. It won't be cheap, but when you want an article of clothing to fit like it was molded just for you, Basil is the man to do it. And he plans to open a second shop later this year.
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Good clothing will cover, but the best clothing will also reveal. The many articles of clothing I’ve had made by Basil’s Tailor Shop, in addition to feeling comfortable and fitting well, also convey integrity and reflect my personal identity.

We never get a second chance to make a first impression so I try and make mine as close to perfect as possible. Although this results in an almost impossible standard for clothing, Basil’s expertise has somehow always been able to meet and even exceed that measure; I honestly don’t know how he does it. Part of the answer is Basil’s lovely wife Joy who works with him; I have relied on her numerous times and never have I been disappointed. The clothing they alter or create is always of the highest quality and wearing the best encourages us to be our best. A good tailor shop can alter your clothes; Basil’s Tailor Shop can alter your life.