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Best Sushi Restaurant Miami 2007 - Su-Shin Izakaya

Su-Shin Izakaya

Su-Shin Izakaya

159 Aragon Ave.

Coral Gables, FL 33134


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Ten Incredibly Interesting (and of Course Pristinely Fresh and Delicious) Presentations of Raw Fish in Various Guises That Su-Shin Izakaya Serves but the Wimpy Sushi Joint That You Make a Habit of Going to Does Not:1. Maguro Yamakake: Tuna atop sliced mountain potato ($10)2. Roscoe Roll: Eel, cream cheese, and asparagus, wrapped in rice and seaweed and fried ($6.50)3. Blue Island: Crab, avocado, lettuce, and masago splashed with tosazu vinegar and rolled in cucumber ($6.50)4. Kurage Su: Marinated jelly fish and cabbage ($6)5. Karashi Conch: Raw and spicy ($6)6. Uzukuri: A selection of raw, thinly sliced fish with ponzu or cilantro vinaigrette ($10-$18)7. Tako Butsa: Thick cuts of octopus sashimi ($9)8. Myoto Roll: Japanese mint and pickled plum ($3.50)9. Teppo Roll: With a cooked Japnese squash called kampyo ($3)10. China Dog: Hand roll with raw spicy beef, daikon sprouts, and sesame seeds ($3.50 — and yes, we know this doesn't have raw fish in it, but we like the name)Amazingly the nonsushi Japanese menu here is even more intriguing.
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Sushi Expert
Sushi Expert

Not a bad place but people need to understand that the best sushi in Miami can be found at MATSURI....Ask a Japanese person and they'll tell you the same...I'll put up Matsuri against any sushi restaurant in the states. (and i've been to hundreds of them)


I went there last night after running out of another sushi restaurant that had an extremely long wait. We actually found this place while we were parking and decided to check it out. The food and service were excellent. The jellyfish dish and musroom foil dish were both delicious. It's also not too pricey. I'll definitely be going back there any time im in the mood for sushi or other japanese cuisine.