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Best Steakhouse Miami 2007 - Graziano's Parrilla Argentina

Graziano\'s Parrilla Argentina

Graziano's Parrilla Argentina

9227 SW 40th St.

Miami, FL 33165


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If you somehow miss the point of this cult favorite on a charmless stretch of Bird Road, well ... you're either unconscious or already dead. The huge grill and giant flaming asador (a sort of industrial-size rotisserie), displayed like fine china behind a wall of glass at the entrance, say with authority that Graziano's is all about the rustic, primal glories of meat. Sizzling over a pile of quebracho colorado wood at lunch and dinner daily are skewers holding everything from whole chickens to suckling pig, as well as especially luscious short ribs, big and meaty and imbued with smoke ($27.95). From the parilla comes perhaps Miami's definitive mixed grill, an enormous serving (for a piddling $17.95) of house-made blood and chorizo sausages, along with sweetbreads, more of those short ribs, and a big slab of skirt steak. You get the point.
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I was disappointed in this restaurant. The decor and service are nice, but the traditional cut of bife de chorizo was tough and gristly...and not cheap to boot. In my humble opinion, Rincon Argentino is far better and much more affordable.


Are you kidding? There are way better steak houses and Italian restuarants than this place!!

The meats are alright but really nothing out of this world and definitely not worth the prices. (The prices are what you would expect to pay at a real steak house such as Smith & Wollensky or Capitol Grill). And to boot, the service is slooooowww and not very attentive.

If you are having pasta - dear lord, don't. Unless you like overcooked limp pasta, boiled in non salted water and then drowned in sauce. And if you happen to complain to the waiter, be prepared for a smart-alecky comment such as 'that�s why the salt is on the table" True story.


i agree...this should be under the best argentian restaurant also instead of nasty porcao.