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Best Secondhand Store Miami 2007 - Rag Trade Happy Clothing Co. - CLOSED

Don't want to spend $300 on a BCBG dressç If you're lucky, you can find one at Rag Trade for $30. You can also earn a little cash on the clothes you haven't worn for four years, the ones lying wrinkled and unused in a cobwebby corner of your closet. If you would rather barter for something in the shop, that's fine too. Like any secondhand shop, Rag Trade carries a rotating stock of wares that ranges in style from vintage to contemporary. There's also a section devoted to new clothes by local designers and by London-based Religion (not to be confused with the brand of jeans). Feel good about shopping here: Rag Trade is pro-conservation, and even the price tags are recycled.
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Rag Trade rocks! In the span of 2 weeks I found the following awesome shirts there: Charlie Daniels tour shirt from 1976, an old shirt with a dove and the phrase "Spirit Filled and Living Free" and a cool green shirt with a man's head divided into three equal portions. Sweet!!


Congrats! This store is ,I hope, the first of many green establishments to make it in Miami. Big Ups to Rag*Trade!