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Best Salty Adventure Miami 2007 - Bimini Breeze Express

Bimini Breeze Express

325 Northwest S. River Drive

Miami, FL 33128


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Bimini, a tiny island where Ernest Hemingway once drank, has great snorkeling in gin-clear water, excellent fishing, and friendly Bahamian locals. Hotels are cheap, too. But how to get thereç Although it's only 50 miles from downtown Miami, Bimini is not easily accessible. Flights leave from Fort Lauderdale, but not daily, and prices are $200 and up. That's pretty expensive for such a short trip. Solution: Take the ferry. The M/V Bimini Breeze sails daily from the Miami River. The 86-foot long, Swedish-built ship carries 49 passengers and 20,000 pounds of cargo, and arrives in Bimini in just over three-and-a-half hours. The journey is idyllic: You begin by motoring slowly down the Miami River, past the fishing boats and construction crews. Gawk at the cruise ships and the traffic on the MacArthur Causeway and, within minutes, you are in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Sit back, enjoy a beer and a hot dog for $5 or less, or eat your own food. Go up on deck and smell the salty air. Say hi to the ship's captain and owner, a friendly Norwegian guy named Kjell. Fantasize about being a pirate. As you get closer to Bimini, the water becomes impossibly blue and clear. It's an unusual and cheap weekend adventure — round-trip fares on the ship start at $150.
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Jeff Marion
Jeff Marion

The Bimini Ferry shut down earlier this year --- at least that's what the website said.