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Best Righteous Meal Miami 2007 - St. City Church of God

St. City Church of God

St. City Church of God

9302 NW 22nd Ave.

Miami, FL 33147


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That's right, it's a church. As a way to raise money for the small congregation, St. City has been selling barbecue chicken and pork out of a little street-side stand for years. You can probably smell the parking lot-hogging barbecues (old steel barrels) from heaven. People line up just to buy the signature not-too-sweet tangy sauce. Jesus would get the rib sandwich (basically a hill of ribs with bones in and two slices of white bread)— $5.50 and worth every penny. Sides of okra and tomatoes, collard greens, pigeon peas, or potato salad will set you back $2 each (they're only available on Fridays and Saturdays). A portion of banana pudding, sweet potato pie, or bread pudding goes for about the same.
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I agree, this is the best barbecue in town. This was my Friday night special. Always, requesting for extra sauce which is excellent on the bread. Eating the bread and sauce along is a treat. And OMG! the peach cobbler its a keeper. No longer live in Florida, would love to have a few bottle of barbecue sauce, or maybe the recipe.