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Best Restaurant to Take Out-of-Towners Miami 2007 - Sushisamba Dromo

Sushisamba Dromo

Sushisamba Dromo

600 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Dear Chowdog: Friends are coming to visit. Picky people. Very discerning about their food. From Los Angeles. Always quoting Zagat this, Zagat that. Snobby bastards. They love Asian cuisine, natch, but they insist as much upon scene as sashimi. I mean, God forbid they just sit down and enjoy a meal with a little conversation, but no, these sybarites have to be simultaneously stimulated visually, audibly, orally, and gastronomically. Where can I take them for dinnerç Signed, Anxious in AventuraDear Anxious: Sushisamba Dromo is the only place guaranteed to please pampered voluptuaries such as these. After all, the dynamic fusion of Japanese, Brazilian, and Peruvian cuisine is unique even to the most jaded of Los Angelenos. Let them try to find lobster ceviche with mango and lime, or torched salmon tiraditos, or yellowtail carpaccio with black truffle oil back where they come from. Or a churrasco platter with hangar steak, chorizo, rib eye, pork, lingui�a, and malagueta pepper oil. Or as scintillating a sake selection, or as colorful a Cosplayer club scene, or as boisterous a party as the one that takes place here nightly. Best part: When you travel west and return the visit, you can comment on how the L.A. dining landscape seems ... a little on the dull side.
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Jenny is right on! The food might sound interesting and creative, but it isn't very good. Sure, it might impress some L.A. scenesters, but they're the reason we have California rolls, so who cares what they think. The servers here are poorly trained, and I was once brought tamago IN a roll instead of masago AROUND a roll--the server didn't really care that he made such a mistake (or seem to understand the difference), but I wasn't about to wait another hour for them to fix my roll.


I can't think of an intelligent comment for this one, except YUCK. One of the worst restaurants in Miami in proportion to its reputation. I guess if you like stoned waiters wearing clown wigs who ignore you for two hours, this is your place!