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Best Restaurant in South Miami-Dade Miami 2007 - Town Kitchen & Bar

Town Kitchen & Bar

Town Kitchen & Bar

7301 SW 57th Court

South Miami, FL 33143


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Once upon a time, South Miami was a big mall and nothing more. That was, like, a year or two ago. Then something happened, sort of suddenly, and things just started popping up. Things like clubs. And cafés. And restaurants. Even good restaurants, which the former mall-city never had many of. No dining establishment epitomizes the neighborhood's resurgence so much as Town Kitchen & Bar. Its urban-industrial design, with poured concrete floor and walls, looks more up-to-date than earlier area eateries. The big-city bar scene attracts a young and professional clientele who, cocktails in hand, overflow onto the outdoor patio in a way not before seen in these parts. Food is fun and fulsome, a medley of pizzas, pastas, salads, sandwiches, mussel pots, seafoods, and steaks. The last are especially fetching: grain-fed Angus beef from "Stockyard's Packing" in Chicago, sliced in-house, massaged with a wet rub of seasonings, and broiled at 1400 degrees. Prices are kept affordable — a twelve-ounce Delmonico steak dinner is just $22. Key lime pie is a product of The Blond Giraffe Key Lime Pie Factory, ice cream is imported from The Frieze, and espresso is courtesy of Illy. Those are quality goods, which with a healthy dose of joviality and cool urban vibe make this our kind of Town — be it lunch or dinnertime.
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Beware of Free champagne for Ladies on Thursdays. We ordered some appetizers (which were in fact delicious) however we were disappointed when our bill included the champagne. When we questioned it, we were told that it was because we were given premium grade champagne even though we had not requested it. We only drank champagne because it was supposed to be "free". They ended up removing it from our tab but I have to wonder how many other ladies paid for their "free" champagne. This is a nice place, but make sure to check your tab before you pay. Our $18 appetizers came with a $96 bill.