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Best Restaurant in Key Biscayne Miami 2007 - Le Croisic French Bistro - CLOSED

Le Croisic French Bistro

Le Croisic French Bistro

180 Crandon Blvd.

Key Biscayne, FL 33149


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Three memorable moments in Key Biscayne history:1. In 1513 Juan Ponce de Leon, poking around for the fountain of youth, discovered Key Biscayne instead. Confused, he named the island Santa Marta, filled his ships' barrels with water, and took off. 2. Some 450 years later Bebe Rebozo moved here. He was pals with Richard Nixon. 3. In 2001, Le Croisic, named after a small town in Brittany, opened its rustic café doors off Crandon Boulevard. It was mostly a cr�perie back then, and a wispy gold galette, filled with Mediterranean vegetables, is still prepared the Old World way — with sarrasin, a Breton buckwheat that makes for an incomparably nutty batter. Nowadays, though, Croisic's menu goes way beyond cr�pes to encompass a wide vista of traditional bistro fare such as French onion soup, homemade foie gras terrine, crab quiche, a bouncy bouillabaise (only on Fridays), and a standout steak-frites — the crisp, succulent, shoestring fries alone qualify Croisic for honors, especially when dunked into a supplemental side of tangy, tarragon-flecked béarnaise sauce. Nothing beats a Moli�re flambé of cognac and strawberries wrapped in a sweet cr�pe for dessert — although the tarte tatin is exemplary too. Main courses are all kept below $30, service is friendly, the wine list is serviceable and unpretentious. As Moli�re would say: Ooh-la-la. Or was it Bebe Rebozo who said thatç
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I have to say that I disagree with this review. Le Croisic French Bistro is a pretentious restaurant that has no right to be that way. I was warned about the terrible service, and chose to go anyway... that was my first mistake. The drink orders were taken immediately, however the waiter failed to come back to bring the drinks and take the order for a good 20 minutes. We actually had to call him over and remind him of our drinks. The rest of the night's service was just as terrible. In terms of food, it's bland at best. I wouldn't recommend this restaurant, much less call it the best of those in Key Biscayne. If you want a good restaurant on "the key" you should go to El Gran Inka, or wait for Origin's to open.