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Best Restaurant for Kids Miami 2007 - Bellante's Pizza & Pasta

Bellante\'s Pizza & Pasta

Bellante's Pizza & Pasta

1684 NE Miami Gardens Drive

Aventura, FL 33179


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There's a miniature soccer team running toward your car and it looks like you're the one who's expected to feed them. Don't panic. Get all their seat belts tight and drive over to Bellante's. Kids age ten and under can eat all they want at this buffet for only $2.99, and adults pay just $4.89. Bellante's offers a pizza for every finicky eater. There's pepperoni, sausage, traditional cheese, chicken alfredo, ham and pineapple, barbecue chicken, and Mexican. They have cheese bread and pepperoni bites, breadsticks and cheese rolls. You couldn't find more cheese if you took the kids to a dairy farm. Pastas are good too. You have your choice of spaghetti aglio olio, pomodoro, or alfredo. Soup and salad are also included in the all-you-can-eat price, as are the desserts, like an apple pizza sprinkled with granola or a chocolate velvet cake. For those who can't sit still, a game room awaits in the back corner. Better yet, parents don't have to go running after their joystick happy kids — each corner of the dining room has a video monitor where you can see all the angles of the game room. So the kids will be full and entertained, and parents can relax and enjoy an adult conversation, if only for a brief time.
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Best restaurant if you hate your kids.. Never ever go here .. this is the worst pizza I've ever had .. no flavor .. Id rather put tomato sauce and cheese on cardboard. The restaurant was dirty and ghetto. Its $4.89 for a reason .. go to little ceasars and get a cheap pizza instead if your short on cash.


Used to come here during high school with a large group of friends every day of the week. Haven't gone back since. Really, really cheap for decent pizza/pasta buffet. OK for lunch.