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Best Radio Station Miami 2007 - WVUM-FM 90.5

Readers' Choice: 93 Rock (WHDR-FM 93.1)
With the rise of satellite radio, the local FM band is not only bland, it's doomed. Looking for classic rock comfort foodç You can tune in Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" pretty much any time of day at Big 105.9. Fancy yourself an alt-rocker, ca. 1994ç The Stone Temple Pilots are always a button push away at 93 Rock (93.1). ButWVUM, "The Voice of the University of Miami," dares to be utterly unpredictable. And sure, sometimes "unpredictable" can mean "uneven." Or "dead air." But where else but a student-run radio station are you going to hear everything from Brahms to Wilcoç Even XM and Sirius alt-rock stations are unlikely to give you, as The Wave did one recent afternoon, a two-fer of Mono Puff's "Extra Krispy" (It's like once you get down in New York City/You'll never go home again/It's like once you've had Extra Krispy/You'll never go back again) and "Night Security" (I want to know the day custodian/I want to hear his harsh refrain/But most of all, I hear the calling/Of the watchman after hours). Sure the patter can be a little amateurish, and there are those occasionally unintended silences. But we'll take those surprises any day over another soul-deadening rendition of "Iron Man" or — gag — "Light My Fire."
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Mat Von Matter
Mat Von Matter

WVUM plays up-to-date electronic music. Many, many times my iPod is left disregarded in the center console of my car because when I turn it on I start listening tracks I've never heard before from recognized and most respected artists. I've just arrived to Miami and, definitely, WVUM�s programming it�s one of the things that makes me feel comfortable as a newcomer.

I could write a whole paper on this, but I�ll keep it short: WVUM it�s �The voice� we all should listen in our commute, because it�s like a Theory, it helps us understand the world that surrounds us.