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Best Professor to Jam With Miami 2007 - Armando Tranquilino

Armando Tranquilino

Armando Tranquilino

3000 NE 151st St.

North Miami, FL 33181


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FIU's rock and roll professor, Armando Tranquilino, teaches all the usual music theory and history courses, but what really caught our attention was a class called "The History of the Beatles." Tranquilino brought a sample lecture to an audience of eager baby boomers — and some of his college students — at a Culture in the City talk in Coconut Grove this past December. The Ph.D. was clad in faded jeans, well-worn black boots, and a nicely cut white shirt that he left untucked under a casual blazer (which, true to rock and roll style, he removed midway through his presentation). Not only did Tranquilino have the gear — a pretty Taylor acoustic guitar and a hefty Rickenbacker bass — but he could play it, too. He played Paul McCartney's exuberant bass line to "I Saw Her Standing There" and exquisitely finger-picked "Blackbird," but his finale — playing along with the immaculate bass line from George Harrison's "Something" — was the real show-stopper. Professor Tranquilino, you rock!
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Rafael Tranquilino
Rafael Tranquilino

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Roberto G. Canton
Roberto G. Canton

He was my professor at Miami-Dade College, and we wrote a song together "Quererte A Ti"... I feel very proud and happy for him. I think he is the best!