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Best Political Comeback Miami 2007 - Palm Trees on Biscayne Boulevard

Some said the trees were ugly. Others said they were a danger to motorists when their fanlike fronds dropped on the busy street. And the Florida Department of Transportation said Biscayne would be better lined with oak trees. Oaks! In tropical Miami! In 2006 the New York Times wrote about the planned uprooting of the palms, and indeed the evil, aesthetically challenged state agency did rip out some trees near NE 69th Street. Then, thanks to a group of Eastside residents and Commissioner Marc Sarnoff, an agreement was reached in February: The state replanted palms and other trees between NE 37th and 87th streets. May Biscayne be royal once again.
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Great, more ugly telephone poles lining the streets with no shade. Ever been to Rio? They keep the palms on the beach and line the streets with shade trees so people can actually walk on the streets. Well, no one in Miami would ever walk, so it doesn't matter.

Steve  Hagen
Steve Hagen

Congrtulations to Sean-Paul Melito and his regular education on our Boulevard palms made largly possible by the Internet. Thanks also to ----------fill in the name of ------who designed and kept up the web site. Of couse it took the the friendly ear of Commissioner Sarnoff to make the final run across the line with FDOT. One good battle won for those who care about green, history and the public process. If we could only get some public process on Bicentennila Park, before it is tranformed into Miami's largest plaza.

Steve Hagen, cochairParks & Public Space Committee of Miami Neighborhood United