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Best Place to Dine Alone Miami 2007 - Hofbräu Beerhall

Hofbräu Beerhall

Hofbräu Beerhall

943 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Hofbräu M¨nchen beer on draft (lager, wheat, and dark). Eminently engaging Lincoln Road people-watching. Bavarian pretzels ($2.95), pork schnitzel ($16.95), the best w¨rst plates in town ($10-$15). Open until 1:00 a.m. Hofbräu M¨nchen beer on draft ($6.95 for 17 ounces; $11.95 for the 34-ounce mug).Who needs, or even wants, a dinner companionçReaders' Choice: Pizza Rustica
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