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Best Place for Piercing Miami 2007 - U.S. 1 Discount Mall

U.S. 1 Discount Mall

U.S. 1 Discount Mall

18901 S. Dixie Highway

Palmetto Bay, FL 33157


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This air-conditioned shopfest offers not one, but eight jewelry places that'll be pleased to pierce you anywhere. So if you don't like what the lady behind the counter is wearing or the way she chews her gum, just walk over to one of the other half-dozen piercing joints. And if you're still not too keen on the idea, you can shop around in the mall's roughly 200 booths until you work up the courage to get something shiny stuck in your ear, belly, eyebrow, or other body part. As the sting of getting stuck begins to wear off, mosey around and consider having your hair (Mohawk) and nails (black polish, please) done. Maybe even visit one of the phone kiosks for a cell with which to tell all of your friends what's in your skin.
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Jean-Pierre Rogers
Jean-Pierre Rogers

You do NOT want to get pierced at a flea market. They are in gross violation of the florida department of health laws, they can not provide mill certificates to prove that their jewelry is indeed implant grade. The only implant grade metals are Niobium, 6alv-eli Titanium meeting ASTM standard F-136, and 316LVM Steel meeting ASTM standard F-138. There is only one body jewelry manufacturer that makes externally threaded jewelry that is impant grade. Any GOOD manufacturer is going to make their jewelry internally threaded. If you want a piercing that is most likely going to give you major issues due to metal quality and other various reasons go to the _FLEA MARKET_. If you want a piercing from a trained professional who knows what they are sticking in their body, DO YOUR RESEARCH; your body is worth more than 2 dollar jewelry made by sweat shop workers in asia. For more information hit up the APP(association of professional piercers) website at