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Best Peruvian Restaurant Miami 2007 - El Meson del Paraiso

El Meson del Paraiso

El Meson del Paraiso

12820 SW 120th St.

Kendall, FL 33186


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Peruvian food is not meant to be fancy, yet it seems that a new restaurant offering a frilly version of this cuisine opens every week. They garnish beans as if they were lobster bisque and stick mangoes in your ceviche. Next time you want some real Peruvian food, stop by El Meson del Paraiso. This tiny shop tucked into the side of a strip mall will provide you with an excellent meal; no need for a reservation. Open with the classic ceviche de pescado ($9.95), fresh white pieces of fish buried under a pile of finely sliced red onions and drenched in cilantro-speckled lime juice. It's served with the traditional sweet potato, cancha, and choclo, just like mom used to make. For the main course try lomo saltado ($10.95). The real potato French fries suck up every bit of expertly seasoned juice from tender chunks of beef. There's also seco de res ($9.95), which comes perfectly complemented with sides of rice and Peruvian white beans. A large selection of seafood plates highlights Peru's passion for coastal food ($9.95 to $14.95). Make sure to ask for lucuma ice cream for dessert (described for the rest of us as a "pink vanilla flavor"), or maybe a bavarois de guindones, a dessert made with egg whites and raisins.
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Who picks the "Best Of" winners? This place is completely mediocre! I agree with Julian in the sense that there are much better Peruvian restaurants around Miami, if you want real not-fancy Peruvian food Salmon Salmon is waaaaaay better than El Meson, so is La Perla about a mile west from the Zoo.


After visiting this "best of", I couldn't figure out why they picked it. Everything I ordered was mediocre, to say the least. Not even the prices were appetizing. If you think of homemade food, you think of something which leaves you wanting more and satisfies a craving. "El Meson del Paraiso" is exactly the opposite. Stay far from it and try "Francescos", "Salmon Salmon", or "Aromas del Peru" (both locations). "La Bodega" beats this place hands down.