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Best Open Mike Miami 2007 - The Bohemia Room

The Bohemia Room

The Bohemia Room

501 Lincoln Road

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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It's you on the stage, kickin' verses about your life. Just you, the band, a microphone ...oh yeah, and those hot-ass lights. You peer out into the crowd and the faces staring back seem to be standing at attention. Oh, this place is fly. The mood is right, they dim the lights. And the stiff drinks help to ease your tension. You've been working on this sonnet, this haiku, that rhymeYou punked out last week,But the ever-vivacious Ingrid B pulled you out of your shell this time.And here you are.Listed under your nom de plume.It must be Wednesday NightOpen mike nightAt the Bohemia Room.
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