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Best Natural Foods Restaurant Miami 2007 - A

Named after a New York City subway line, and no larger than a subway car, counterculturish couple Blue and Marc Solomon's A is a convivial neighborhood café steeped in young, bohemian flavor. The "organic French-Carribean" cuisine is hippie-dippie tasty, beginning with appetizers such as d'anjou pear baked with roquefort and honey, and vegetable terrine layered with spinach and red pepper mousse. Entrées like ratatouille-tofu cr�pe with papaya proven�al, and a robust ragoût of forest mushrooms, seitan, and white beans will heartily sate any vegetarian's appetite, while lamb merguez sausages with couscous will keep the carnivore in the corner quiet. No dish exceeds $12 at this funky, dinner-only locale, and the BYOB wine policy courteously comes sans corkage fee — so dinner with wine comes on the cheap. Naturally.
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Unless they relocated, this restaurant has closed down. storefront empty, number changed.


This place is really good. Super friendly service, amazing food (particularly merguez with apricots and figs and couscous, also some escargots and crazy stuffed avocado things that were delicious). Plus its cheap and BYOB and if you forget to bring alcohol they will hook you up with a delivery menu from the nearby liquor store.