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Best Moon Over Miami Miami 2007 - Bike ride at Shark Valley

Bike ride at Shark Valley

Bike ride at Shark Valley

36000 SW Eighth St.

West Dade, FL 33194


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Want the moon to yourselfç Haul your bike out to Shark Valley after sunset and have at it. There's nowhere better to check out that massive cheese wheel in the sky than the River of Grass. Cruise around the fifteen-mile paved loop with wind in your hair, bird songs in your ear, and mysterious water splashes every few feet, as the glowing disk makes its way across the evening sky. It's beautiful — especially the view from the observation tower halfway into the ride — and it's free after 5:15 p.m (the gate closes at 6:00).
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The entrance fee is currently $10 per car, or $5 per bike, up to the per-car max of $10. However, for the paltry sum of $25, you can get an Everglades National Park annual pass that gets you (i.e. your car and everyone in it) into both Shark Valley and the Main Entrance South of Homestead for a full year.


Actually, it's free any time outside of normal fee collection. Fee collection starts at 8:30 AM, so early morning rides are free, and they close the cash register about 4:30 PM. The park is open 24 hours a day, and it's fine to bike outside of fee hours.

You just park out on US 41 (frequently patrolled by the Miccosukee Tribal Police) and bike in. Be sure and park past the "No Parking" signs, because the Miccosukee police will ticket for illegal parking.

If you go during a full moon weekend, expect many fellow riders -- sometimes several hundred.