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Best Mexican Restaurant Miami 2007 - Don Burrito - CLOSED

Don Burrito

Don Burrito

10043 SW 72nd St.

Kendale Lakes, FL 33173


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TEN GREAT COUNTRY SONGS WRITTEN ABOUT DON BURRITO:1. "It's Nobody's Flauta but My Own (So Keep Your Hands off the Sour Cream)"2. "You Done Took All My Money, But I Can Still Afford a Don Burrito Burrito ($6.95)"3. "Mama Don't Let Your Sons Grow Up to Be Vegans (Cause They'll Miss Out on Don Burrito's Sizzling Al Pastor Fajitas)"4. "Cold Mexican Beers, Hot Miami Nights, and Achey Brakey Tortilla Chips"5. "I Done Somebody Wrong, but After Eating This Chicken Mole Somehow I Feel All Right (extended club version)"6. "A Paycheck, a Party, a Pollo Asado (And on Monday We Start the Whole Enchilada Again)"7. "Taco Bell Blues (Get Going, and Take That Damn Chihuahua With You)"8. "I'm A-Cryin' Over This Margarita,'Cause There's No More in My Glass" (also known as the "Can You Loan Me $4.95ç" song)9. "This Queso con Chorizo Is Better to Me than You Ever Were"10. "Baby Come Back, and We Can Split That Juicy Steak Brazada Like We Used to (Before You Stole My Car and Ran Off to Mexico with José)"
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Giancarlo Bianchi
Giancarlo Bianchi

Delcious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The food there is amazing, great portions, great price, good atomsphere, everything. A place that I will indeed need to go back to. Just dont get there at 1045 like we did, because when you're done eating and you want seconds (and you will), you'll be sad to find that the kicthen is closed at 11pm.... : (


Don Burrito is a like a sacred aztec temple. The food is really good, and not on the skimpy side but more on the generous side. A bang for your buck. The funny thing is, you have to explore outside the burritos.