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Best Meal Under $10 Miami 2007 - Original Soup Man Café - CLOSED

Original Soup Man Café

20475 Biscayne Blvd.

Aventura, FL 33180


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If a cup of lobster bisque with an apple, piece of multigrain baguette, and little ball of Lindt chocolate doesn't seem like the best deal in town at $8.95 for a cup ($10.95 for a bowl), it's only because you haven't tasted the lobster bisque. The velvety, coral-color soup is chockablock with 22 percent shellfish by content — which adds up to what seems like a full, lush lobster in every cup (the cup is supposed to hold eight ounces, but you get more than that). The creator of this classic bisque is Al Yeganeh, immortalized as the "Soup Nazi" in a Seinfeld episode and now franchising his startling talent for making delicious soups nationwide. This Aventura branch is Florida's first, and, as we say, it is home of the best meal for under ten bucks. Of course some might consider one of the other dozen or so daily soups for this honor, all of which cost less than the bisque. A cup of peerless chicken barley, for instance, with fruit, chocolate, and half a sandwich, can be had for the same price of $8.95. So can New England clam chowder, sausage gumbo, chicken noodle, vichyssoise ... but the very very best deal is — and we don't want to have to say this again — the lobster bisque.
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susy q
susy q

I Went there and wanted to get soup and a salad. The soup was mediocre. I tasted several so this was not one. Then the prices were ridiculous. For a quart they want almost 30 dollars. ARE THEY CRAZY!A cup is 8 to 10 dollars. THIS PLACE IS OKAY BUT THE PRICES ARE OUTRAGEOUS FOR SOUP