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Best Last Meal on Earth Miami 2007 - Rocky's Italian Ices

Rocky's Italian Ices

1200 Ocean Drive

Miami Beach, FL 33139


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Saddam Hussein's last meal consisted of boiled chicken and rice. Adolf Eichmann simply swilled half a bottle of Carmel — an Israeli wine. John Wayne Gacy chowed down on fried chicken, fried shrimp, French fries, and strawberries (always healthy to finish with fresh fruit). Fried chicken, in case you were dying to know, is among the most popular last meal requests of the condemned. The most frightening final snack was Timothy McVeigh asking for two pints of Ben & Jerry's mint chocolate-chip ice cream — scary because it's so sane! Everyone exhibits their own uniquely personal style when it comes to a last supper choice, and you needn't be a convicted mass murderer to dwell upon what yours would ideally be. Ours: Well, pretty similar to that of mass murderer McVeigh's — after all, what could be more immediately refreshing and mind-numbingly satisfying than ice cream to have lingering on your lips as life slips awayç Rocky's Italian Ices, that's what. The closet-size takeout shop on Ocean Drive, with photos of Rocky Marciano and Rocky Balboa on its red, white, and green-tile walls, boasts the finest Italian ices south of Mulberry Street. Lemon, watermelon, banana, canteloupe, and a half-dozen or so other scintillating flavors are made from fresh fruit, and run $2.75 for a six-ounce cup, up to $7.95 for the sixteen-ounce size. We'd ask for one of those little plastic spoonfuls of every flavor to taste, and then request one pint of each.
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Concerning the comment from maria.This has got to be about as low as it gets. Using another restaurants award review to promote another company. Hey Maria, can't you let them have their day in the spotlight without inserting your own shameless promotion for another company?


i was recently at a taste test party for a new company about to launch italian ices and ice cream.the company is called gianninewyork.l must say that there product has to be bye far the best we ever had.everyone at the party was and still is raving about both the ices and ice cream.the ices are so unique.good luck gianninewyork and hope to see you soon everywhere.