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Best Jazz Radio Program Miami 2007 - The Steppers Set with Jim Berry

Steppin' has been called the African-American form of ballroom dancing, and Jim Berry is South Florida's unofficial DJ for the genre. On Sundays at 2:00 p.m. Berry — who is also the sports anchor for CBS Channel 4 — hosts the two-hour weekly show that features uptempo jazz, soul, and R&B. Listeners can hear anything from Maxi Priest; to Spyro Gyra; to Earth, Wind and Fire. Steppin' originated in Chicago and evolved from the Forties jitterbug; instead of moving on every beat, dancers move on every other beat. The style is graceful, smooth, and relaxed — and Berry spins the soundtrack. Even if you don't dance, it's a relaxing listen on a Sunday afternoon.
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Hey, Fensterheim -- go play with YOURSELF, you fossil.

Aaron Fensterheim
Aaron Fensterheim

I have been involved with JAZZ RADIO for over 40 years. I was honored with an award in New York as #1 Jazz Radio Programmer in the entire world. So I know something about "JAZZ RADIO" and Jim Berry is not Jazz Radio. Someone at your paper is playing politics with "The Best Of".