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The Miami Jazz Jam at Churchill's: Still the best show in town.

7 years ago by Jose D. Duran
Churchill’s (5501 NE Second Avenue, Miami; 305-757-1807) Monday night Jazz Jam, winner of our 2007 Best of Miami award, is not a well-kept secret. It’s more like an institution. But a reminder is still in order: if you haven’t gone, you’re missing some of the best regularly-scheduled live music in...

2007 Music Year in Review

Over the past few years, year-end critics' lists have multiplied faster than the worry lines on Ben Bernanke's brow. Mark our words, the Internet and your local Barnes & Noble's magazine rack will be brimming with head-spinning, eye-glazing permutations of praise for the following albums: Arcade Fire's Neon Bible, the...

2007: The Moments in Review

7 years ago by Brandon K. Thorp
In a few months New Times will roll out its annual "Best Of" issue. Nestled among Best Tattoo Artist, Best Streetside Falafel Stand, and Best Club in Which to Meet a Midget Mutant Amputee Leather Nun, you'll find theatrical best-ofs: best show, actor, actress, director, and so forth. But there...

Jazz Returns to Overtown

15 years ago by Celeste Fraser Delgado
Round about two in the morning on weekends from the 1930s through the 1950s, the smartly dressed residents of what was then known in Miami as Colored Town would gather at the doors of the hotels on NW Second Avenue. There they would wait for jazz greats like Count Basie,...

Jam Cruise Pre-Party Featuring Medeski, Martin & Wood

6 years ago by Tom Bowker
Despite being a cool, downtown NYC jazz act with roots in the early Nineties avant-garde scene of John Lurie and John Zorn, no one loves Medeski, Martin & Wood like the patchouli-loving, Birkenstocks-on-the-weekend hippie in the next cubicle. MM&W's supersonic organ funk jams with DJ Logic in the Nineties forever...
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