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Best Indian Restaurant Miami 2007 - Heelsha Indian Cuisine - CLOSED

Heelsha Indian Cuisine

1550 NE 164th St.

North Miami, FL 33162


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Most tandoori chickens look and taste the same: bright red and charred. Tikka, too, teases the taste buds similarly just about wherever it is served. Korma, biryani, vegetable samosas — we know them well. Tipu Rahman and his wife, Bithi Begum, both from Bangladesh, put out respectable renditions of all of the above for lunch and dinner at their handsome 45-seater (with just as many seats on an outdoor patio), but the less conventional dishes are what distinguish this North Miami Beach spot from other vindaloo venues. You won't, for instance, find the Bangladeshi appetizer of fried grouper fritters (mas bhora) on every menu, nor karahi specialties in which meat, poultry, or fish gets quick-cooked in a woklike skillet heated by coals. Heelsha's lamb karahi is one fired-up stir-fry: succulent pieces of meat melded with tomato, onion, green pepper, and garlic, then kicked up with cumin, coriander, and cardamom. It is worth a trip here just for the restaurant's namesake fish, a sweet, freshwater, silver-skin shad flown in frozen from India, and roasted with all manner of aromatic spices. Prices, however, are more typical of other Indian restaurants — meaning entrées are under $15 to $25.
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Went there last week and walked out without food. Served cold soup which never returned to the table- heated or not. Nothing else ordered was delivered to table. After 30 minutes of staring at the walls, left.


The food was great for us vegetarians looking for tasty vegetable dishes and good portion sizes. The Owner/Chef came to greet us at the end of our meal was very NICE of her. She even gave us a 10% discount card for our next visit. The restaurant had a very relaxing feeling to it. I have been back and not disappointed.

Ilia Kogan
Ilia Kogan

Found it on Zagat. Stopped for lunch a few months ago, on Sunday. After short interogation chef told us tandoor we were served was actually prepared on Friday! He just warmed food up for us! I have microwave at home, so next time I'll pick a different restaurant.