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Best Hot Dog Stand Miami 2007 - Super Franizado, Hot Dog on Wheels

Francisco Cabrera came to Miami from Havana in 1980. "I am a licensed food vendor, living the American dream!" he proclaims, smiling. You might see Francisco speeding up and down Biscayne Boulevard in his bright-orange mobile hot dog stand. It looks like a large golf cart with a small cooking grill on the back. "I like to call it the snow cone mobile," he says. A jumbo hot dog with French fries and a snow cone goes for $3.50. Free condiments include sauerkraut, sweet onions, relish, and of course ketchup, mayo, and mustard. Super Franizado is the antithesis of a drive-through, since cars can wave him down to pull over. Which he always does.
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we are in the same boat ive been looking for a commissary all day and ive come up with nothing and im searching the web for one also i found this company its called american dream but another company told me they cant be trusted so if you come up with one please let me knowdebbie 678-353-5159


I am trying to start a hot dog cart business in Davie, Florida and have run into several problems especially locating a commisary for disposal of the water, etc.. This sounded like an easy business but I have had to deal with the commissary thing for too long. Can you help? Can you give me some ideas on how to choose commissaries in the Davie, Florida area? Thanks so much....