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Best Haitian Restaurant Miami 2007 - Cliff's Restaurant & Catering

Cliff\'s Restaurant & Catering

Cliff's Restaurant & Catering

10740 NW 7th Ave.

North Miami, FL 33161


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Everyone in this neighborhood knows the Jamaican-born Cliff, who has been cooking up a storm in his ramshackle roadside restaurant since 1986. It's difficult to find anybody around here, in fact, who hasn't sat down at one of the stools lined along a counter and dug into curried shrimp, stew peas, pork chops, cow feet, or other West Indian specialties that Cliff's crew does just right. Lunch specials include any of the aforementioned, with pigeon rice, steamed cabbage, fried plantains, and fruit punch or lemonade — for a downright neighborly sum of $5.50. The same price brings a breakfast of yam, banana dumpling, and callaloo, but we haven't even mentioned the really lip-smacking stuff found at Cliff's: curried goat with a devilish ginger-masala kick, and barbecued and/or jerked chicken and pork ribs that get slow-cooked in a black barbecue smoker outside. Ask for the hotter barbecue sauce, which is perked with piquant Scotch bonnet chilies, and request a Red Stripe Beer to chug along. You are set. Cliff's roots, rocks, and reggaes on weekend nights, when giant speakers gush island music until 3:00 a.m
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Best Haitian!? Ok, really now, albeit the above mentioned is Caribbean there are certainly distinctions between my two favorite caribbean countries-Haitian and Jamaican; that make them distinctively different. Hence for authentic HAITIAN FOOD(S): THE IRV LIST: TAP TAP ON SOUTH BEACH, CHEZ LE BEBE IN LITTLE HAITI, AND CHEF CREOLE FOR SOME OF THE GREATEST CONCH, FISH, CRAB, ETC. I love caribbean food but do not get us twisted...we are brothers from different mothers!!


This is in the best Haitian food category, but you're food descriptions are definitely Jamaican. Just wondering.


Chez Rosie is also an excellent choice, and their lunch specials are even cheaper than the one's you've mentioned. Chez Rosie is off of NW 2nd Ave and NW 62nd St., not far from Edison (read: authentic)