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Best Fish Market Miami 2007 - Captain Jim's Seafood

Captain Jim\'s Seafood

Captain Jim's Seafood

12950 W. Dixie Highway

North Miami, FL 33161


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While patrons at Garcia's and Casablanca's fawn over the Miami River, residents of the landlocked north swear by Captain Jim's. While it may lack the waterfront vista that inspires seafood lovers with the morbid satisfaction of eating something just killed, don't be fooled by the fish emporium's out-of-the-way location. Captain Jim Hanson maintains a fleet in Key Largo that guarantees fresh fish every day, much of it finding its way to high-end restaurants around town. His island know-how comes through in the conch — as fritters ($5.99), in a salad ($3.95), or cracked ($6.95 for a starter, $10.95 for a main-course portion).What's more, the adjoining market offers an ample selection of fish that can be fileted to your liking at no extra cost. The selection, though not always the most abundant in town, proves consistently cheap and choice. If you're tired from the drive, pick a fish out of the market, take a seat in the restaurant, and have the friendly staff prepare it however you choose.
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NYC Girl
NYC Girl

Neither of you obviously know what a "fish market" is. .. as I realize is the case with most people in Miami. A fish market is not a place where there's a restaurant on one side and then a small area off to the other side with a small selection of fresh fish for purchase. This is the case with most "fish markets" I've visited here in Miami. In NY, a fish market is strictly a market where you can buy a VARIETY of fresh seafood. Miami's "fish markets" definitely lack variety and abundance.

Miami Home Grown
Miami Home Grown

Hey Fish Guru, not to insult your well intentioned fawning over Casablanca, but I'll gladly bet you 20 lbs of jumbo claws if you can show me any "obviously frozen fish " at Captain Jim's. Perhaps your mistaken impression that whole fish ON ice, means that it has been previously frozen. No so. I'm certain that Casablanca too, ices all of it's fresh catch, and that even though your family's place...oops, did I say that??...has a nice view, it certainly isn't any fresher than than Captain Jim's "one day in the ocean, next day on your plate" offerings. Don't go knocking a place just because you **might** have some interest in another. And by the melted butter for me, just mustard sauce and extra limes please. ; )

Fish Guru
Fish Guru

Whatever... Jim's pales in comparison to a REAL local fishery, like Casablanca. For a city that is surrounded by bountiful waters, we sure don't have many places to purchase fresh seafood from. It seems like people are not concerned with what they�re actually buying (evident buy Newtimers choice for best fish market). I don�t now of anyone who has visited both Jim�s and Casablanca, who could say that Jim�s obviously frozen fish is better that Casablanca�s visually fresh, off the boat, line caught seafood. Well except my friend, Blinky, who is blind and was born with no taste buds or sense of smell� (Sarcasm). I know, I know... the Newtimes prints whatever they want (usually something that benefits their advertisers), but we should all support our local fisherman and farmers.