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Best Falafel Miami 2007 - Pita Hut Israeli Restaurant & Grill

Pita Hut Israeli Restaurant & Grill

Pita Hut Israeli Restaurant & Grill

530 Arthur Godfrey Road

Miami Beach, FL 33140


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One morning, as Gregor Samsa was waking up from anxious dreams, he discovered that he had changed overnight into a giant falafel ball. There was something fishy going on. Soon enough Gregor would figure things out: He was indeed a falafel ball, and a nice plump one at that — although "giant" is probably stretching things. He was at the new, bigger, brighter, improved Pita Hut on Arthur Godfrey Road. And what was fishy is that Pita Hut is now also a kosher sushi restaurant (who would make a better bagel rollç). The full-service Japanese menu includes miso soup, basic rolls, specialty rolls, tempura rolls, and riceless rolls. But Mr. Samsa couldn't care less about the raw fish. He had other things on his mind, as you may well imagine. Besides, he was away from the sushi, in the next-door portion of the restaurant where shawarma, shish kebabs, and hummus get prepared. And where finished falafel sandwiches are, quite honestly, things of beauty — cleanly fried, simply and faultlessly dressed in freshly diced cucumber and tomato salad, splashed with tahini, and fluffed into a soft, always warmed pita. At $5.99 each, the sandwiches remain less expensive than lesser attempts around town. Needless to say, Gregor was not thrilled to have metamorphosized into a falafel ball, but he always prided himself on being eternally optimistic. The silver lining in this case: He was not just any falafel, but the very finest.
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The guy who wrote the story was playing on Metamorphosis.


Giancarlo Bianchi
Giancarlo Bianchi

I have no idea what the guy who wrote the little story was on, but this place is wonderful! It's really roomy, the service is fast and the food is good. If you really want to enjoy the falafels, I would suggest the falafel plate (or platter...I don't remember the exact name). It brings 7 falafels, a cucumber/tomato salad, a large serving of hummus and tahini sauce, and this great thing called a laffa. It looks like a really large pita, but its not. Bite into it and it taste like the crust of a pizza would. It was great, you can easily make yourself 2-3 falafel sandwiches with this platter so bring a date and share the experience. The only thing that I found strange was the sushi....I don't know about you, but I only eat sushi at a japanese restaurants, but other than that, great!