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Best Electronica Artist Miami 2007 - PG-13

Readers' Choice: Afrobeta
Electronic music has come a long way since the days when indie icon Beck sang about "two turntables and microphone." Nowadays it's all about having your laptop souped up with the latest music-making software. In Miami, no one rocks the MacBook Pro quite like PG-13, a.k.a. Paul Gaeta, a DJ/producer with a knack for creating fun and intelligent dance music. Last year was a busy one for PG-13. After cofounding the Miami-based label Circuitree with fellow artist Dam Octo, he released the excellent Seven Songs for My Friends; a record full of intricate electronic bleeps that blur the line between electro and hip-hop. On a recent February night at the downtown Miami club PS 14, he showed off his skills to a mostly local crowd of electronica lovers. Using just his laptop and a synthesizer, PG-13 blended techno riffs with throbbing hip-hop beats, even throwing some Miami Bass rhythms into his eclectic mix. The crowd loved it, but PG-13 didn't notice. He was hard at work looking into his laptop screen, trying to find the perfect beat.
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Wow, I didnt see this one coming. Ummm...thanks!!!BTW, im playing at the following places

Saturday June 2nd @ Circa 26 in WynwoodTues June 12th @ Churchills

These are going to be Junc Ops sets, with Kentsoundz and myself rocking our latest and greatest hip hop anthems from the upcoming album 2013, due out this fall on Circuitree Records.

I m working on a new album too! Its called Another Sleepless Night with You, or Cantaloupe Jackal, I cant decide which.

The Circuitree comp is amazing and features my homies 000, Hydroplane, Machine Drum, Phoenecia, Junc Ops, Fluent In Fiyah, Caural, Jimmy Edgar, Alf 1, Nived, Roy of Sealand, Baku, and more...Look for this album soon.

We have a website: circuitreerecords.comMore will be up on it soon!

SUPPORT PG-13!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!131313131313131313

you can buy my record here, just copy the url and paste it in your web browser: