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Best Comic Book Shop Miami 2007 - Avalon Manga Shop

Avalon Manga Shop

Avalon Manga Shop

20321 Old Cutler Road

Cutler Bay, FL 33189


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In this era of one-click online shopping, comic book shops need to deliver more than just the average monthly Spider-Man series if they want to survive. Dean and Sandra Gonzales, owners of Avalon Manga Shop, recognize the value of putting together a brick-and-mortar space for Miami's comic book heads. Open since 2004, Avalon is an oasis for collectors of all ages, with an emphasis on Japanese "manga" comics and the more traditional (but no less fun) DC and Marvel superhero volumes. But comics are just a small part of Avalon's cool appeal. The store is jam-packed with many other fun collectibles, from Star Wars action figures to rare anime DVDs. What's more, Avalon holds in-store Dungeons and Dragons game sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It even boasts an avid community of Yu-Gi-Oh! card game enthusiasts, who meet on Saturdays for biweekly tournaments. If they don't got it, the stubborn staff will subscribe (at no extra charge to you) to any rare titles not available in the store.
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Charles "Demetrious" Villard
Charles "Demetrious" Villard

Having a been a regular to Avalon for the past several months now, I can attest to how welcoming Avalon Manga Shop is. It's truly one of a kind.