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Best Colombian Restaurant Miami 2007 - Mondongo's - CLOSED



3500 NW 87th Ave.

Doral, FL 33172


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It may sound like the name of an Atari videogame hero, but the namesake stew at Mondongo's is a serious meal. Twelve bucks gets you a massive bowl of pork, potatoes, and peppers, with sides of rice and arepas. With its two Medellin restaurants doing booming business, Mondongo's has exported its popular paisa cuisine to Doral. Take your pick of typical dishes, including, appropriately enough, the Típico, a heaping platter of rice, beans, meat, eggs, plantains, chicharrones, and all kinds of tasty Ají sauces, for $11.25. It's a hard-core protein-and-carbs place with good cocktails, reasonable prices, and takeout, if that's your style.
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I work in a German company in Doral Area, must of my co-workers (Latin, French,German etc) have eaten at Mondongo's and everybody agrees that is a super place to have lunch. The restaurant is so clean, the waitresses are very polite and the service is good. Food is so authentic colombian and delicious, my favorite is the "carne a la plancha" and Jugo de mora. Go paisas!!!!


I like this place alot, but I must say "La Cabana Paisa" on 40th and 127 ave. is the best.