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Best Cheese Miami 2007 - Marky's Gourmet

Marky\'s Gourmet

Marky's Gourmet

687 NE 79th St.

Miami, FL 33138


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Fiending for some Finnish Lappi? Craving Cambazola? Got a boner for some Bonne Bouche? Look no further, friend. Marky's has all of your bases covered — in cheese. Prices aren't much different than the usual supermarket fare (a ten-ounce hunk of Pecorino goes for $9.81), but the quality and the selection will make you do a backflip. Take in the classy ambiance of this high-end Russian joint. If you've got the dough, take home a pricey tin of their fine caviar — straight outta the Volga, baby. While you're there, don't forget to pick up a copy of the Cheese Review, a monthly newsletter devoted to what's just in. The prices may seem high, but a good chunk of cheese and a pair of decent baguettes can last you for days. Just ask a Frenchman.
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Kudos to Marky's for advertising foie gras on the side of their vans. Even more kudos if they'd deliver it to my house.


Boo to Marky's for advertising foie gras on the side of their vans....