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Best Charity Miami 2007 - Inner City Outings

A branch of the Sierra Club, Inner City Outings is a unique little outfit that takes city kids to a world they rarely see: nature. Teenagers who associate wildlife with gang-bangers get the chance to cycle the Everglades, paddle the Little River, and camp overnight in a state park, among other adventures. Staffed by a small group of energetic outdoors enthusiasts, ICO runs 25 to 30 free trips a year, usually within a few hours' drive of Miami. The group works with local housing projects, social agencies, and neighborhood associations to find about 200 interested kids every year. And ICO is making its own future. Its Youth Leader Program mentors future trip leaders.
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Sue Hamerstrom
Sue Hamerstrom

I have been involved with ICO for the past 9 years as a volunteer and leader. This organization is the best in bringing nature to inner city youth. You would be amazed at the sense of self-estime, self-reliance and confidence the kids aquire on these outings. It is an eye-opening experience for them as we try to impart words of wisdom concerning their environment introducing conservation, protection and enjoyment of the world around us.