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Best Caribbean Restaurant Miami 2007 - The Bahamian Pot Restaurant

The Bahamian Pot Restaurant

The Bahamian Pot Restaurant

1413 NW 54th St.

Miami, FL 33142


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A ton of perks come with being the official "gateway to the Americas." Afro-Cuban bands and Brazilian bikinis aside, we are blessed with access to restaurants serving awesome food from exotic locales beyond the home of processed cheese. One such place is the Bahamian Pot, a trip to the Caribbean that doesn't require a passport — just your hungry belly. The menu is overflowing with island favorites like conch chowder, oxtail, plantains, stewed fish, and Johnny Cake; and as an ode to good ol' American eatin', the menu is also home to soul-food staples like fried chicken, pork chop sandwiches, and an awesome lemon cake. The chefs at the Bahamian Pot have perfected the art of just-right spice; never ever bland, yet nothing that will knock your taste buds from your tongue. And since nothing at the Pot is over $15, no matter what you order your wallet will still be as full as your tummy. The entire menu is sublime, but a must-try is the guava duff, a boiled fruit-filled ball of dough, also known as the perfect marriage between Miami and the Caribbean.
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jaszmine davis
jaszmine davis

This restaurant is AWESOME! Anyone visiting miami has to go there to eat. You will not be disappointed!


Wasn't that good. Used lime juice instead of the real natural stuff (Limes / Lemon) in the conch salad..... But forget that, the food was the least of my isses..... the service...... wow.... really really really bad. LEFT SHORTLY AFTER WE GOT THERE.