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Best Car Wash Miami 2007 - Karma Car Wash and Café

A car wash that got a nod from Gourmet magazineç If it serves tapas, wine, beer — even raspberry lambic — why notç Karma's well-designed waiting room is decorated in soothing shades of indigo and has copies of gossip magazines and the New York Times. If you're getting your car detailed during breakfast, they have espresso and pain au chocolat. In the afternoon and evening, enjoy a plate of olives and cheese with a Belgian beer while your car is getting shiny. After 8:00 p.m., the car wash closes but the bar stays open as a lounge, with a DJ on Thursdays. Washes start at $17 and can go as high as $149. There's also a 25 percent discount for hybrid cars.
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I had been pretty satisfied with the customer service and quality of work I received at Karma.  But the ULTIMATE test of a good company is how they deal with mistakes when they mess up.  Karma performed an "acid wash" hard water removal on my car and damaged ALL OF THE GLASS on my SUV -- AND my driver side rearview mirror -- and they are not taking ANY responsibility for it.
After driving away from Karma a few months back, I thought the guys has missed a section on the upper corners of my windshield.  I drove back and asked them to wipe it off.  The manager said that I had "hard water" deposits (probably from parking in range of a sprinkler system at my old apartment).  He suggested the next time I come to request a "hard water removal" process and that spots would go away.
The next time I came in, I requested the treatment.  But it was pretty expensive.  Since I was only really concerned with removing the spots on the top corners of my WINDSHIELD, I asked if they could limit the treatment to just the glass.  They agreed and prorated the fee. 
That day I left with pretty great results.  The manager suggested I come back AGAIN and have the BODY and CHROME treated the same way.  So I did:  I returned a few weeks ago, told them I had the glass done last time and asked that they only treat the body and chrome (so I didn't have to pay the high cost of the ENTIRE treatment).  The manager agreed and, again, charged me a prorated cost to do just the BODY of my car -- NOT the glass.
My car is finished 60 minutes later.  I pay and leave.  At first glance the car looked good.  However while driving away I noticed that my windshield had this hazy, almost pixelated effect all over it.  I also noticed my driver's side mirror had this "frosted" coat over it.  Assuming someone used the wrong towel to dry the inside of my windshield, I drove back to have them clean off the residue.  The manager said he had noticed the problem and brought a couple guys over with  scrubber pads to scrape off the junk off my mirror -- but that made it look TWICE as horrible!  Their scrubbing efforts did NOTHING to correct the damage to my windshield and windows.
The manager (Marvin) said he thinks acid must have got BEHIND the mirror as he was spraying it and it "ate off" the back coating?  He said he'd ALSO seen the SAME effect on windshield glass at least one other time at Karma, but that customer may have had "defective glass" and the dealer replaced it for that person?
After going back and forth for 3 weeks with their owner, Freddie Elias, Karma's position is (and I'm quoting his TEXT message to me): "We feel we have not caused the damages to your vehicle as this is the same product we have used in thousands of cars… We feel this is a defect in the glass not a cause of the product.  Feel free to provide your [insurance] agent with my name and number should they need to communicate with me."  TRANSLATION:  Sorry, buddy, we're not claiming ANY responsibility -- you're on your own to work this out! A defective rear-view mirror AND defective windshield?  What??  Really??  Come on…
Oh! But then, as consolation, they offered me a few free detail sessions for my inconvenience??   
The PRODUCT may be the one they always use but someone must have done something wrong WITH the product because I LEFT Karma with a damaged vehicle.  I know the treatment POTENTIALLY works -- it worked well for me the first time -- but SOMETHING went wrong THIS time and Karma needs to do the right thing to correct it.  Heck, they weren't even supposed to TOUCH my glass this time.  Their denial of responsibility is illogical.  It's like telling a customer "We know you didn't ASK for a wax job, but we threw one in for free.  Oh, and we DAMAGED your car while we gave you the free wax, but we waxed your car like we waxed all other cars.  So we're not claiming ANY responsibility for the damage we did to your car during the free treatment that we wen't supposed to do anyway…"  -- ??
Per their request, I have had the glass inspected at both the dealer AND at an independent windshield repair and neither say there are any known issues with my model's windshield -- my glass is not "defective."  They say chances are the OTHER unfortunate soul who suffered the same malpractice at Karma was probably still under factory warranty and that the dealership replaced his glass as a courtesy.  My SUV is FOUR years old now so I don't have that option.  Instead, I now have to go through all the hassle of settling this with a claim against Karma.
If I can save ONE soul the hassle of going through this with Karma, then writing this review is worth it.  Karma may do this treatment on "thousands of cars" but their fail rate is apparently a damaged vehicle in 1 out of 1,000.  Don't let the next damaged vehicle be yours.