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Best Bread Miami 2007 - Bon-Bon Bakery

Bon-Bon Bakery

Bon-Bon Bakery

300 SW 17nth Ave.

Miami, FL 33135


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Carb-cravers, head to Little Havana. That?s where you?ll find Bon-Bon Bakery, which has been cranking out the baked stuff in Miami for 40 years. Here they sell hot Cuban bread straight from the oven. They also sell a variety of other breads with quirky names only Cubans could have come up with. In most cases, the names refer to their shape -- patines, for example, which translates to roller skates, and bonetico, which means little bonnet. For bread devotees with a sweet tooth, here?s a real treat: pan de gloria (?glory bread?). They got it right when they named this one: sweet bread made with eggs, milk, and sugar. Another sweet bread for sale is the kind used to make medianoches. Here?s something else that?s sweet: The bread here is dirt-cheap. Dig through your pocket for loose change and you?ll be able to walk out with the goodies, which cost between 25 cents and $1 each.
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They have made the best Guayaba Pastelito in Miami for years!!!!!