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Best Bagel Miami 2007 - Harriet & Bob's Bagel Cove

Harriet & Bob\'s Bagel Cove

Harriet & Bob's Bagel Cove

19003 Biscayne Blvd.

Aventura, FL 33180


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In New York, a bagel is a bagel. Everywhere else, a bagel is bread. Some say New York City's unique way with bagels has something to do with the water, but if you know where to look you can actually find a decent specimen in the sixth borough, too. Harriet and Bob, a pair of transplanted New Yorkers (go figure), know it's only a bagel if it has the right blend of hardness on the outside and chewiness within. Just follow the flocks of white-haired snowbirds and Q-tip-headed locals who jam the entrance of Harriet & Bob's on the weekends. Grab a table or stand in the to-go line, and order up a toasted sesame with butter ($1.89), an everything with cream cheese ($2.90), or onion with vegetable cream cheese ($4.99). The bustling Bagel Cove, opened by Harriet in 1988 (Bob is her third business partner), also offers everything under the Jewish-delicatessen-style sun — from challah french toast and blintzes to matzoh ball soup and smoked fish — but it's the bagels that'll keep you rolling back. If you're lucky a member of Bob's crew will be toting out a plastic laundry basket filled with a warm, fresh batch. You might even think you're in New York — except you can drink the water.
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Giancarlo Bianchi
Giancarlo Bianchi

This is a great place. The bagels are freshly baked in house, which makes for some amazing texture; not too tough, nor too doughy. The menu is well priced and the portions are large. The only thing that ticked me off about this place was the fact that the bus 'boys' (men) are extremely rude. My 2 friends and I were waiting for my girlfriend and her friend to come, we had gotten there early, and we seated at a round table for 5, but they were running late and so this one guy kept coming to us and telling us that we should move so to accomodate other customers. Hey buddy, we got there first, remember? besides that, like I said, a great place for weekend breakfast with the family and/or friends.