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Best Adrenaline Rush Miami 2007 - Skydive Miami

Skydive Miami

Skydive Miami

28730 SW 217th Ave.

Homestead, FL 33030


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Bored with lifeç Need to inject your miserable existence with a dose of daringç Nothing screams, "Holy shit I'm alive!" like stepping out of a perfectly good airplane 13,000 feet above the ground. It's not for the faint- hearted (or the light-walleted), but if you yearn to embrace the adrenaline junkie within, Skydive Miami is a must. For about $320 the team of certified professionals that runs the school will educate you on how not to get killed, dress you in the proper equipment, take you high into the sky, and even tape your fall from grace (it's $249 without the DVD). That way, when your kids tell you you're a boring loser, you can whip out your your custom-made movie and prove to them that you, too, were wild in your day!
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Giancarlo Bianchi
Giancarlo Bianchi

A must for everyone who ever has felt a need to have a near life experience. Go with a group of friends (10 or more) and get a discount. Details are on their website. Also, make sure to go the 8am jump, but get there beforehand because they make you watch this really lame video about how you could possibly die and they also make you fill out these forms which require so make signatures and initials that it will give you carpal tunnel. A tip for those who choose the dvd package...don't get stuck with the girl camera-woman, make sure to get the guy. Other than that an experience well worth the money. I plan to go back with some friends before the summer's end.