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Best Zen Gift Shop Miami 2006 - Bagua

There is plenty of feng shui and good mojo going on in this delightfully aromatic shop to keep your Buddha buddies happy. The shop has all the incense, candles, and beautiful statuary you need to create your own sacred meditation altar in your home. Friendly Bagua staff members are quick to tell you more about the one-of-a-kind handmade bags and clothing they carry (which are earthy without being too hippielike), and they will be happy to help you find the perfect book or CD for your friends who really need to relax. You will also find unique gifts for new moms and babies, like irresistibly soft teddy bears and floppy dogs that are filled with soothing lavender and can be heated in the microwave to provide a comforting warm friend in the crib ($15 to $28). Then there's the fizzy and bubbling elixirs to add to the bath (starting at $5). What we really love are the parties held every Friday night from 8:00 to midnight. With music, dancing, tarot readings, and free wine and snacks, this little shop is sending its good vibrations throughout the Buena Vista East neighborhood.
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