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Best Of Winner

Best Three Beers for Five Bucks

On the Rocks

Do you like to drink cheap beer in the company of serious drinkers who don't give two shits about ambiance, South Beach glitz, cleanliness, or really anything except drinking? On the Rocks is your bar. Three beers, five bucks, 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. daily. Enough said...

Very Big Bucks

20 years ago by Jim DeFede
Like many trade associations, the owners and operators of duty-free stores around the world get together once a year for a convention that provides opportunities to study industry trends, listen to presentations from their peers, and to pass around business cards in that never-ending endeavor known as networking. This year's...

Letters from the Issue of February 9, 2006

Seedy Prose But smart editor: In response to Chuck Strouse's February 2 column, "Bad Seeds": Bravo. I don't wish anything bad upon anyone's children, but I do want to extend to Mr. Strouse congratulations because the piece was written exceptionally well. I hope he gets some award for the investigative...

Letters from the Issue of April 27, 2006

A Warmup It's coming May 11: I just wanted to give some feedback on two of your Best of Miami 2005 restaurant suggestions. We were recently vacationing in Miami Beach with two children and were looking for a good restaurant that would be entertaining to the kids. We chose Barton...

Letters from the Issue of October 5, 2006

Not Like La Gloria That's impossible: Regarding Lee Klein's "Chino-Latino No Go" (September 21): It is obvious that Mr. Klein has an ax to grind with the Estefans. His review of Oriente was one-sided and biased. I am a weekly customer of the restaurant and find the food quite delightful...
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