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Best Selection of Liquor in a Restaurant Miami 2006 - Two Chefs

Two Chefs

Two Chefs

8287 S. Dixie Highway

South Miami, FL 33143


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Since opening in South Miami in 1996, this charming, unpretentious American bistro has earned a reputation for serving robust, heartwarming dishes such as escargot potpie, bacon-wrapped meat loaf, and creamy risotto with duck confit and a poached farm egg. Chef/owner Jan Jorgensen's signature souffles are fairly renowned as well, and the wine list is as delightfully eclectic as any in town. In other words, it is no secret that Two Chefs is an absolute gem of a restaurant. Many folks might not realize, however, that Jorgensen has steadily built up his bar stock to the point it is without peer in these parts. More than 1000 bottles of vodka, whiskey, gin, rum, and tequila provide imbibers with limitless options, and the collection of single-malt scotch whiskeys is more comprehensive than any other in the Southeast. That's right -- the whole Southeast! Let's toast: three cheers to Two Chefs!
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After many years of marketing for the for profit health care world in Miami, where expense account meals were prevalent.....I can say without reservation that Two Chefs is the best place to have a wonderful meal alone or with friends, even when corporate America is not picking up the tab. I truly miss this restuarant and the staff there who made dining wonderful and delicious. Additionally, the owner is very generous in donating to many charitable causes and events.Looking forward to a lovely meal during my next trip back to Miami.Margarete.


It is beyond me why anyone would want to return to this restaurant after the experince that I had there.

Bad service, dishes out of order, bad salad, poor appetizer. I would not go again for free.