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Best Roaming Place to Buy Punk Vinyl Miami 2006 - Up Yours Luv Records

Up Yours Luv Records

P.O. Box 220908

Hollywood, FL 33022


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You might not notice Freddy the Bastard's little corner of the universe while you're drunkenly moshing at a club, and even if you did, it would be easy to dismiss his wares as the DJ's play pile or the band's merch table. But if you choose to closely inspect Fred's wares, you'll find a cache of rare LPs, CDs, and books that's breathtaking and for sale! Then, when you actually talk to the proprietor about music or some similar bullshit, his high-octane enthusiasm will intoxicate you into buying records you didn't know existed. A recent émigré from Gainesville, Freddy has been dealing internationally for more than twenty years. Many record collectors know his mug because they have purchased rarities or new releases from him at concerts. The nice bastard (we know this is an oxymoron, but that's who he is) knows his stuff as well as anyone in town, but he hauls the product to wherever customers gather. Call or e-mail Freddy ( so you know what nightclub he?s hitting next or to see if he has something you?re looking for. Give him your wish lists! He specializes in punk and hardcore but also serves the needs of goth, industrial, indie, garage, and grindcore kids.
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love from weasel via the wife from nashville via new orleans! would love to get to meet one day. i have heard lots about you, my love. don't know when the next florida trip is in the offing, but will be in touch when we are close. can't wait to meet!mrs weasel ( 10 years younger!)