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Best Peruvian Pollo a la Brasa Miami 2006 - El Pollon Grill

El Pollon Grill

El Pollon Grill

13762 N. Kendall Drive

Kendall, FL 33186


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It slowly turns, browning to perfection, becoming so tender it falls off the bone. The chicken at this Peruvian grill will take you back to the glory days of Lima's La Granja Azul. And though no chicken outside Peru could ever match what you got in Santa Clara, El Pollon makes for a tasty alternative. And it beats getting on a plane or trying to go back in time (especially since a whole chicken with a side costs just about $10 here). Be sure to ask for fries too. They're the hard-to-find real-potato kind, and they come with traditional dipping sauces, such as huanca?na and aji. Order an Inca Kola and reminisce or simply enjoy your meal.
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Still the Best Rittisserie chicken in town.